Your House Could Be Worth More!

Mr and Mrs seller, your house is worth half a million dollars.  That is my conversation almost daily, as you walk into someone's house and they think "Oh my house is worth two hundred thousand" I'm like going no look at the numbers, it's worth like five hundred thousand, but you know just recently I was talking to an out-of-town agent who was going to list a property here in Titusville even though they're from elsewhere, and it was crazy because he told me the price of the house and I'm like "I'll buy it for that price"  He didn't know the area, he didn't know the comps, he didn't know what he was talking about to be honest.  It's super important to go hyper local when looking for an agent, and I see this when I talk to people and they're just blown away at the house pricing, and it makes all the difference in the world, you could potentially lose 20, 30, 50, 100 thousand dollars if you're not listing with a local agent who knows the market and knows the trends, and by the way it's no longer that we can just look at the past comps, that's good and all and that's what appraisers look at, but we got to be looking forward, follow me on this, Brevard County has jumped 19% in value since January first, now think about that so if your house is worth a hundred thousand dollars, that means your house is now worth $119,00 four months later, can't make that out of one job can you?  So multiply that by two, three, five hundred thousand and you can imagine the amount of equity you have just since January.  The market is moving so fast and you've got to be hyper local to know exactly what's happening.

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