Why You Should Wait

Hey, don't pack your bags just yet if you're under contract, there's a lot of things that can happen with this contract and let me tell you about it.  So inspections could go terribly wrong, that would be awful, but it happens somtimes.  Buying a house is a lot like dating and even though you're ready ot buy the wedding dress, sometimes they're not the one.  So you're going to have to wait, don't pack your bags just yet, let's get through inspections, let's make sure we get that septic tank inspected, if it's an older home, you want to make sure those pipes are good underneath the house, that's a 20,000 dollar repair all day long, so you get that done, then you make sure you get loan approvals, don't do something crazy like buy a truck in the middle of buying a house, it will throw down your credit score, it'll throw up your debt ratio, don't do it!  Things happen and then on the seller's side, you just never know.  A contract is a contract, but it's not a done deal until everyone signs and money exchanges hands, that's when you should pack your bags.

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