Why YOU Need an Agent

Imagine the day that you get keys to a brand new house, you're the first person to ever even walk on that carpet, how amazing is that?  Do you need an agent though?  Really?  I mean like can't you just walk in and sign the paperwork and just be done?  Well, you could, but the truth is you need an agent when it comes to buying new construction, you do, because here's what happens, you walk in, you sign the paperwork, no one's looking it over (unless you're a real estate attorney or you have a lot of real estate experience) like you probably don't know what you're signing, right?  You don't know the things to look for, you don't know that you could actually have an inspection on new construction and make sure you get warranty items fixed, you don't know about the different things behind the scene that they might not tell you, like the fact that a lot of builders offer incentives for you to buy, it could literally cost you money to not have an agent, but at the end of the day, who's representing you?  I can guarantee you that the agent working for that builder is not representing you, you really really really should have an agent when you go into new construction, and by the way, the seller pays that cost, not you.  It doesn't even cost you anything.  Welp, there's the scoop, Edna Wilson your Titusville Hometown Realtor, as Hometown as Apple Pie.

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