Why the Pies?

      Hey! I'm asked all the time, "Edna, what's up with all the pies?" "Why do you give pies at all the closings?" Well, it's a funny story I thought I might share.  My very first month in Real Estate was July many many moons ago, and I was doing the downtown street party here in Titusville and it was red, white, and pie.  So I thought in my little marketing it'd be a great idea to give away pies because it's red white and pie, right? 

      So I'm at the downtown street party and the people were coming up and they're like "Why is a realtor giving away pies? That makes no sense to me."  And I just sat there, and I don't know where it came from I just said "Because I'm as hometown as apple pie!" And I thought, "Oooh, that's good, I should remember that."  And so I did remember that and started putting it on my marketing slogans and literally yesterday I walk into an office and a guy came around the corner, never met him before, "It's the pie lady!" So the marketing worked I guess.  So, my challenge to you is, make sure that if you have some crazy idea, follow throug with it because you want to be different in today's market no matter what you're selling.

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