Why Not to Wait

Just heard today from a potential seller "We're going to wait a few days to see how the offers come in."  Well, not always a good thing to do, typically we find that your first offer is usually your strongest offer on a property.  Why?  I don't really know, but I do know that sometimes that buyer who's been waiting and waiting for the exact match of that property to come on the market sees your listing and they go "That's it!" and they make a really nice, strong offer.  I find people who wait typically don't give the best offer and they usually regret not taking the first offer that came in.  Now remember when you have an offer, there's always a time line on when you have to accept that offer.  I know, that's crazy, but it'll say it right on page one, right at the bottom "This offer is only good through _____ to ______".  So that said when you do get an offer on a home you're selling, I would seriously encourage you to take the first offer if it's a good and reasonable offer.

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