Why I Do Real Estate

     Hey! Edna Wilson here, your hometown Realtor, “As Hometown as Apple Pie” with this week’s Education Corner.

     Someone recently asked me “Why do you sell Real Estate?. I had to think about it for a minute and I thought about this one deal.  It was a townhouse and I had a hard time selling it, a really hard time selling it.  The appraisal came in low, it just had all these challenges to it.  Nothing to do with the unit, just one of those things that happens.  It is what it is, right? Just kept falling apart, and in the meantime I knew that this particular seller had a lot of rental properties, but not for this one.  This one he wanted to sell but we just couldn’t sell it, and at the same time I had this family who’s house had burned to the ground and they were having a hard time finding housing and I was able to talk to the seller about possibly renting to this little couple and their family and three kids.

      Just to give them a safe place to recover from the fire and he agreed, and after a month of helping this couple just not being able to find anything, I was able to hand them keys to this amazing four-bedroom townhome and they were just elated, and I thought “That was one of my favorite moments in Real Estate”, and the funny thing is, I made no money on it, but, man, to hand them the keys, to give them a place to recover, it’s just amazing. Absolutely amazing, and I realized, that’s why I sell Real Estate, it’s because I get to change people’s lives through either selling or buying or renting or to give someone shelter.  Amazing feeling.  Anyhow I just thought I’d share my story today of one of my most favorite transactions I’ve ever done, and I hope that inspires you to go out and help somebody else today. 

     Have a great day, this is Edna Wilson, your hometown Realtor, As Hometown as Apple Pie, have a great day.

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