When is it Better to Rent?

  Don't buy your own home, I know, real estate is saying "Dont buy your own home"  That's a crazy thing.  Though did you know there are actually times where it is better to rent?  When I was quiet young in my journey through adulthood, I remember listening to Larry Roquette, who was the predecessor to Dave Ramsey, and Larry used to say "There are times that you do not want to buy a house, especially if maybe you're a single mom, or if you're just coming off some big traumatic financial situation that happened to you, and there's some sure advantages to renting, so let's talk about that for a minute because you'll probably never hear that on a real estate post, right?  Though sometimes when you rent, the nice thing is if something breaks, you don't fix it, if something goes wrong, you're not responsible, you're not carrying insurance if you haven't kept up with insurance right now in the state of Florida, insurance has gone mad, most policies have doubled if not tripled in price, and so it's a little bit of a crisis right now with insurance.  Now I suspect that people who are renting houses, the landlords will eventually pass that cost on to the tenants, but there's some true maintenance costs when you own a home and so consider that as you're looking at your overall financial income and what works for you,

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