What kills your home value?

Hey! Edna Wilson here with today’s topic. What kills your home value…


So there’s definitely a few things you need to be aware of when you’re thinking about remodeling your home, for potentially selling it at a later date. Here is my list…

Number one; flooring. My daughter often says “This house has a flooring crisis” which is so true, so a lot of times we like to go find bargains at lowes. Its like “hey here’s 200 square feet of this tile on sales for a dollar a square foot”. That’s great and all but if you start piecing it together where this flooring is different than this flooring this creates confusion and actually makes you house look much, much smaller than it really is. So really opt to have a house that’s full of the same flooring. It really makes a huge difference.

The next is converting the garage. People want garages! Don’t convert your garage, especially without a permit. I find it very difficult to sell a house that had the garage that has been converted. People don’t like it and even though you have all this extra square footage you don’t get the same value for it because its just converted space and it doesn’t make sense to most buyers.

Next up is remodeling but leaving the existing floor plan. So there’s a thing in real estate called functionally. That basically means that the house no longer functions like todays family likes. So if you’re going to redo a kitchen take down a wall. I you’re going to redo a family room take out the sliding glass doors. If its an extension don’t leave the house where its all chopped. You’re going to want to take down wall after wall after wall. I promise you, you’ll get your money back on that one. But then you know at the same time people will also take a four bedroom and turn it into a two bedroom because they want to take that bedroom and make it a part of a larger living room. So you want to make sure you’re taking down the right walls when you take down the walls. Don’t decrease the amount of bedrooms you have. Four bedroom houses are REALLY difficult to find. Keep your rooms!!

Also don’t forget when you’re doing this to also leave your yard. Don’t put so many sheds in your backyard to where theres no more yard. Don’t put play structures or gazebos where theres no yard to play in. This actually will hurt the value of your home TREMENDOUSLY.

So think about those things as you start to remodel. Please call me before you start a big remodeling project and lets talk about your home value and what would get you the most bang for your buck, when you’re ready to sell.

Again my name is Edna Wilson, Your hometown realtor right here in Beautiful Titusville Florida!

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