What is Your Home Worth?

What is your home worth?  Who the heck knows, right? All of us check these automated estimators online, your mortgage company sometimes will have an automatic estimator, let me tell you, we've talked about it before- they're not always right.  Though, they're not always wrong either, so the only way that real estate agents really totally know what your home's value is, is we take a home tour, we walk through it, we look around, we know what appraisers are going to look for because we look at appraisals all the time, so we know what the appraiser will give for a pool- by the way do you know any ground pool- the screen is only worth about fifteen thousand dollars, crazy right?  I know you it costed you $120,000 and you're only gonna get fifteen thousand.  That's a whole other video about what a good investment with your money is, but at the end of the day, we know that these things are truly what helps in getting pricing points, but truthfully the market is super hot.  What do you want for your house?  What is it worth for you to sell?  Those are the questions your real estate agent should be asking you.

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