What is the Purpose of an Open House?

Hey, so have you noticed that there's been a lot more open houses lately?  I've been noticing it.  It seems like there's signs everywhere you turn, but what is the purpose of an open house? I get that question a lot, so there's actually two purposes of an open house, and this is kind of an inside secret that you might want to listen close to.  The first purpose is of course to promote your house to bring people in, to invite all your neighbors so they tell other people who tell other people, get the word out, it's partly marketing, but the inside secret that you might not know is that open houses are mostly for the real estate agent, it's one of our best resources to finding new buyers and new sellers who might want to enter the market, and they walk into an open house and then we get to have a conversation with them, so little secret, it does benefit the seller a lot, and it benefits the real estate agent a lot too.

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