What is a Broker

Hey, Edna Wilson here your hometown realtor as hometown as apple pie with today’s topic!

You know recently I just became a real estate broker and I’ve had people ask me “what does that mean.” Do I do loans now? Let me explain a little about it because its really not that much different from being a realtor, except that I’m kind of the boss.

When you become a real estate broker that means we were able to open our own real estate firm. It also means you’re responsible to have agents underneath you and it’s just another destination designation to be a realtor. So, you have to have so much time underneath your belt. You have to go through another set of classes, and you have to pass the state exam again. You have to get new background checks… It’s a big deal.

That doesn’t mean that brokers don’t do real estate though, they do real estate just like a real estate agent does. They’re just more experienced and they have a little it more responsibility when it comes to the board of realtors, and what they require from you.

So I hope that clears that up. The difference between a realtor and a broker. Again I’m Edna Wilson your Titusville hometown realtor as hometown as apple pie!!

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