So I've been asked this question over and over again: "What is this rumor I hear about you joining RE/MAX?"  Well, let me tell you the story.  So Celebrate has been in business now over over two years and we have loved every single second of it, and we're going to continue, but in today's technology world, the tech costs so much money that I was beginning to realize, we couldn't bring the value to our customers that I wanted to bring.  So I reached out to the best, RE/MAX, and I asked what they could do for us.  Come to find out, you can run a brokerage inside of a brokerage.  Basically, and so the Celebrate team is alive and well, we're still going to operate just like we always have, we are moving location to Garden Street because I live on Garden Street now and it's super close to my place, super excited about that!  Then we're just going to be operating as normal, so if you see like a little confusion, I didn't want you to be lost, I want you to know that RE/MAX is the most powerful name in the real estate game, which is why we wanted to partner with them, but Celebrate is not going anywhere, we have you covered because we're still your hometown realtor, as Hometown as Apple Pie. We're just inside a bigger brokerage, no need to worry.

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