Hey everyone Edna Wilson, your hometown realtor as hometown as apple pie. Today we’re going to be talking about Titusville.

Ive been asked a lot, what are the best neighborhoods in Titusville, and I don’t know if there is a best vs worst. It depends on what you are looking for. Which is why it is a huge advantage when you have someone from Titusville, like me, who was born and raised here. I grew up in every back road I learned to drive down Grissom parkway because there was nothing else. I also learned to drive down Rainey before there was any La Cita country club, because it was just dirt roads. That’s where my dad used to take me. But let me tell you, each subdivision is so different.

You have Sherwood, which is known for their amazing Christmas décor, they are kinda crazy out there. They do Christmas lights like crazy! They do Halloween like crazy. They are just known for their community togetherness.

Now some people (like my husband) hate all that and so he wants to live in Windover which is where we actually do live. Everyone has at least an acre. No one really sees each other, which drives me crazy but he loves it. So that’s a different type of living.

Then we have Hickory Hills. It is just a quiet, wonderful subdivision where everybody kind of just looks out for each other. You see a lot of people running and walking in the mornings.

We have Royal Oak. I grew up most of my life in Royal Oak. Its just this quiet nice little community where they have lots of garage sales and neighborhood block parties and things like that.

Then you have other subdivisions like whispering hills behind the old Kmart. The houses are very affordable, and the neighbors really look out for one another. Its just quiet and nice and ou can let your kids run down the street and really not worry too much about it.

So those are just some of the ideas of neighborhoods, but it depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something with an HOA, I’d recommend La City, who really looks out for their people. Your grass is cut every week and every house is being taken care of. To some people that’s a big deal. I want to make sure that you get that type of subdivision.

So there are a lot of different subdivisions around Titusville, each one carrying their own unique ideas of what should be and what shouldn’t be in a neighborhood but that’s why it’s very important to have a hometown realtor, such as myself, to take you around to all these different subdivisions so that you know exactly which subdivisions would fit your lifestyle.

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