New Construction vs. Existing Home

Today we're going to talk about new construction versus already existing homes.  What's the difference?  What's the benefits?  What's the negatives?  Let's talk about it.  So whenever you buy an already existing home, there's a lot of perks to that, so typically things like there's usually a fence already up or there's blinds in the windows, or it's already been nicely painted.  Things like that have a great appeal to a home, especially a home that's been well maintained, and it's kind of "broken in" right?  So there's a lot of advantages to that, also you don't have to wait for construction, it can just move in which is kind of nice.  New construction is a little bit of a different animal, typically a new construction house takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months to complete.  You kind of have more input into the process, it can be actually quite stressful to figure out things like "what kind of tile do I want?" or "what kind of bathtub do I want?".  But all that said, there's so many things in a new construction that can be more stressful.  The benefit is that you're at a brand new house, and your homeowner's insurance is a lot less on a brand new construction because everything's up to the current hurricane code.

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