Title Insurance

Have you ever heard the words "Title Insurance"?  What is title insurance? Well, let me tell you about it. It isn't that fancy, but you need it.  So title insurance basically is an insurance policy much like your auto or home.  It actually covers the title of your house, so why is that important? Well, it is super important so when you buy a house, especially something that's already pre-owned.  A pre-owned, basically what this policy does for you is allows for you to make sure that you have no clouds on the title.  What's a cloud? Well think of it as a dark cloud, something that makes the property not sellable, so let me give you a scenario.  You buy a house, title company thinks it's free and clear, you get your title insurance policy, yay! Well, six months later this guy comes up and says his name's Bill and he owns your property.  You're like "Excuse me? I own this property, I have the deed."  Well, Mr. Bill over here has a will that made that house his and the title company didn't find it because it was never filed in the right place or spot.  Well now guess what, it's Bill's house.  But oh! You have title insurance, so now it is not Bill's house, because the title company is going to pay Bill off for that house.  That's how insurance works, it makes sure that no one can come between you and your house.

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