The Time I Got Fired

Hey! I want to tell you today about a time I got fired.  What?  It's true!  So. not too long ago, I took a listing, it wasn't a good fit from the very beginning.  I knew that it was not a good fit, too, but I wanted to help these people, so I thought "I'm gonna do it".  So, I told the gentleman "Yes I'm all in" got the pictures taken, spent my money, got everything done, went live, got a contract (offer), but he wouldn't take the offer because now he wanted more money than what they offered what our asking price was which was already rediculous, and can I tell you, it just spun out of control.  It really spun out of control, but you know what? Here's my thing, I think you should trust your gut.  I knew from the first time I sat and talked to him it was not a good fit for me, but I didn't trust my gut, I pushed through, I got to be honest with you, it costed me hundreds and hundreds of dollars, because I eat all of that money when a listing doesn't happen, right?  If I list your house and I do the photography and I do all the media stuff I do, and do things like this for your house, it comes out of my pocket, and I don't get paid until we close.  It was a good lesson: Trust Your Gut.

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