The Slowing Market

      Buyers, I have great news! The market is slowing! It's true, these past few weeks we've been seeing a definite slow in the market.  I just last week listed four homes and it took days, not minues nor hours to get offers on those homes. So we're definitel seeing a slow down in the market, which is nice because buyers, I know you're tried, I know it's been a long journey, I know it's hard and it seems like you can't win but this is good news.  Now in summer we always see it slow down anyhow, so we're hoping this is not just a summer thing, but this is actually the way the market's balancing, so inventory's up a little bit, and when I say up a little bit, in Brevard County, we went from 900 listings to 1200 listings, not huge, 300, but if you're one of those 300 people looking for a house and buys that house, 300 is huge, right?  So buyers hang in there, the market is changing.  

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