The Market

Time for a little market update!  So right now we are sitting in mid-September, and I have to tell you the last two weeks we have definitely seen the steadying of the market.  Now don't panic, this is actually good, this is what we predicted from the very beginning.  We would start having a correction in the market, that does not mean house prices are dropping, but it does mean we have more inventory, things are sitting on the market a little longer so if you currently have your house on the market, don't panic, this is typical for this time of the year.  It just hasn't happened in a while because the market's been so crazy.  We totally expect the market to bounce back and we actually expect to have a very very strong October and November.  So, no panicking, this is actually good.  Now if you're a buyer, this might be the week to go put a contract on something.  And I say that because I think for the first time in a long time, buyers have a little more power because sellers are beginning to panic and they're like "Why can't I sell my house in three hours like everybody else?"  It's just the market adjusting, and that's not bad.

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