The Hallmark Bug

      Hey! Edna Wilson here.  Alright guys, you've seen HDTV right? You've watched fixer upper and all the craziness that goes on, you watch all that stuff right? Well let me tell you, on TV when they have a fifty thousand dollar house, they put twelve thousand dollars a shiplock in it and they turn around and sell it for $500,000, that's fantasy.  Just like if I was on the beach and having some guy kiss me and my hair's all perfect, fantasy right?  That's the way the Hallmark movies go right? My hair's perfect- - no, the truth is if I had some guy kissing me on the beach, I got crabs biting my toes and I got sand flees coming up my legs, I'm just telling you, that's the way it really is.  So remember, there is no magic Hallmark moment when it comes to buying a house super cheap, throwing a bit of lipstick on it, and selling it for $500,000, that doesn't exist.  You've been bit by the Hallmark bug if you think that's correct.

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