Strategy on Selling your Home

      You know it's funny how anybody can sell a house in this market, it's bananas! Anyone can sell it, but tell me if your real estate agent doesn't have a very specific strategy on how to sell your home, it's not going to get the highest and best, and that's what we're after right?  We never take the first offer right now in this market unless it's just bananas like- - I don't know, 100,000 over asking, I might take that offer, but the truth is we want strategy you know? It;s kind of like an oreo, you can have a big fat orea like this, if you put the cream on the outside, it doesn't work, I mean I guess it will still taste like an orea, but the truth is you got to have cookie and  then cream, and then cookie again.
     That's what makes the perfect oreo, just like selling your house, we have to have a strategy, we have to have professional pictures, then we have to get bifolds and then make sure we get market as a coming soon, I mean there's a whole strategy to lighting up to going live on the market, you don't just throw it on the market.  That's crazy to do that because otherwise it just looks like everyboy else's, our marketing photos always make sure we have something different to make sure that we stand out from the market, we don't look like everybody else because the whole point is to stand out.  We make sure we have open houses. Remember, oreo, do you have a strategy, or are you just throwing it on the market and hoping for the best.

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