Solo Agents vs. Team

Hey, Edna Wilson here, your hometown realtor, as hometown apple pie, with this weeks story:

Today were going to be talking about the difference between a solo agent and a team. You might have heard before that a lot of people are having teams, and actually, I myself have a team. There’s a huge difference between a solo agent and a team.

A solo agent is someone that does everything. Right? They are the cook, the bottle, the washer, everything. They do everything on the transaction from start to finish.

In a team setting you have different people who specialize in different things. For instance, in my team I’m the lead agent I do all the listings and negotiations. Then we have a buyers agent who specializes n just taking buyers out to homes. That’s all she does because that’s what she’s really good at. Then we have a transaction coordinator who, is the person who takes all the transactions from start to finish she makes sure all the paperwork Is in great working order. Then we have a customer care specialist. Her entire job is to do nothing but make sure that you are well informed as a customer and that you know exactly what’s happening with you transaction at all times. That is her complete job.

Then we also have a marketing team and some other people who help get the word out on exactly what we’re doing right now, but that is the biggest difference between a team and a solo agent. Its just the amount of people working on your transactions and there’s benefits to both

Id like to have a deeper conversation about that. 

Again my name is Edna Wilson, Your hometown realtor as hometown as apple pie!

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