So You Wanna be a Realtor?

      Hey! Edna Wilson here.  So you wanna be a realtor?  Alright guys, it's the truth about what a realtor actually does, I can't tell you how many phone calls, emails, and messages I get saying "Hey I'm thinking about getting my Real Estate license."  That's fantastic news!  Well let me tell you first some of the things you need to know.  You do not get to set your own schedule, in theory, your clients set your schedule they're the ones that tell you "Hey this house just came on the market I want to see it today."  And if you don't go see it today, guess what, you've lost the sale.  Next, you can't work part-time hours and earn full-time money.  So many people think that they can work part-time and earn $100,000 a year, it's just not possible.  It's also not as easy as just filling out the blanks, you've got to know (start to finish) what you're doing, these are legal documents that you're putting together.  Lastly, every friend that you have is NOT obligated to buy or sell a house through you.  When people get their license, they think "All my friend will use me." That is NOT how it goes.

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