Should I Stage My Home?

So I get asked a lot "How should I stage my home to sell it?" or "Should I stage my home to sell it?" So there's a couple schools of thought on that, I have heard and I have read through all of the many articles that I find is that staging homes actually produce about three times the money you spend on the staging you get back in return on the sell of the home. So if you put a thousand dollars into staging, you would get a three thousand dollar return on that.  So worth investing? Probably. But you know it's funny because in today's market, things are just flying off the shelves so fast that it's almost not worth the hassle of it, but it does make the house a lot more attractive.  Now it depensd on what price point your house is also in.  So it depends on if you're looking at a million dollar house, or just a hundred thousand dollar house.  It's just different buyers, so the million-dollar house- you might want to consider staging.

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