Reverse Mortgages

You know I get asked a lot "What is a reverse Mortgage? What are the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage?" So I Googled a little bit and when I kinda got down into the weeds of what reverse mortgages are actually all about.  And so Forbes actually says it has about five pros and five cons, we're going to run through this.  So one of the pros is that it actually helps you save your retirement.  The second benefit is that you can stay in your home.  You can pay off your existing home to pay off your reverse mortgage.  Know that the IRS will not consider it a tax liability when you start taking the monthly payments out.  You're also protected if the home exceeds its value.  Some of the cons include the possibility for your heirs to lose their inheritance, and it is not free, there is a monthly fee on reverse mortgages.  Another con is that it could affect other benefits, so like a social security or VA benefit, they're all able to be affect.  Lastly, reverse mortgages are very complicated, make sure to get help with these.

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