Refi! What the heck is a refi? Let's talk about refinancing your home, so many of you who have all this extra equity in your home probably want to consider a refi.  So what does that mean? That means we're going to actually take your existing mortgage, turn it into a new mortgage, at the lower interest rate.  So if you have anything worth 4%, you want to talk to my lendor, because interest rates are still at an all time low.  Now not only can you pull down your payments because your interest rates lower.  Even 1% interest rate can make a huge change on your payment.  You could cash out some of the money as well!  You want to make sure that you're pulling out that money that your investing back into your home.  Let's talk about things that are good investments for money, by the way, swimming pools are a terrible investment, but they're so much fun.  So, make sure you're talking about "What's the best way to use this money", if you don't cash out, if you just do a refi, your lendor can actually talk to you and say "Okay, if you can keep that house another seven years, that saves you (this amount of money)", "If you keep the house another five years you save (this amount of money)".  If you're planning on selling in the next year or two, not a good idea to refi.

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