Pricing Your House Too High

This week I want to tell you a story about a customer who priced their house too high.  It happens, we all get excited about the market being so crazy and I'm not expert when it comes to pricing houses right now let me tell you because it's just crazy, the market is crazy.  I think a house should maybe go for 350, next thing you know we have an offer for 390, right? It's just a crazy market, but that's okay, because we still have to look at the comparables, right?  We have to look at what the appraiser is going to look at, so we told this customer without a doubt that their house would not sell for more than $190,000, I had a gut feeling about it, well, customer really wanted to price it high, so they priced it $250,000, and I thought ugh, we're gonna be in trouble, and sure enough, the house just sat even in this crazy market, the house just sat.  Very few showings and very little activity.  The sellers got really discouraged, it hurt their heart because it was just so hard to come and just sit every day while everybody else's houses around them was selling, that's hard.

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