Pool Value

Hey! Edna Wilson here, your hometown realtor, as hometown as apple pie!  Do you love to swim?  I do!  You know what; in-ground pools have great value when it comes to reselling a house, but did you know that above ground pools can have good value too?  Now I'm not talking about the walmart pools for $299, no, those do not count, not the ones where you just pop up the little PVC rods together, that has no value.  Now some buyrs really like those, and so therefore, they have attraction, but they have no value, but some above ground pools really have value, if the above ground pool is sturdy, it's high-end, it's all metal, it has this great pump system, with it, it has this in-ground wiring and plumbing and maybe some pavers or decking all the way around it, it actually does have value.  Not as much as an underground traditional concrete or fiberglass pool, but it definitely brings value to the property, and it also brings a lot of value to simply desirability, right?  So I recently saw a pool that was 24 by 24, it was a huge in-ground pool that they had actually sunk into the ground and put pavers around it, it was gorgously landscaped and everything and sure enough you know the appraiser gave them value for that, so don't discount above ground pools, especially if you make them super pretty.  

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