Let's talk about mortgages. What?! I know, they're not fun to talk about, but you know me, I'm a Dave Ramsey girl, love to follow Dave Ramsey, and I'm going to tell you that you need to pay off your house. There's a couple ways for you to do that, you've heard of the old saying "Oh make an extra payment a year, you'll pay off your house, and that's true, on a 30 year mortgage that typically pulls seven to ten years off your mortgage.  Now the crazy thing is we've had such low interest rates lately but that's not becoming so much the norm anymore.  So my interest rate right now (Don't hate me), is only 1.99%, well, I'm only paying 2% of that money.  Does that make sense to pay off early?  So then it depends on your goals, you know, I'm getting a little older now, kind of want to retire one day, so I want to have that house paid off before I retire.  So for me, it's not about the percentage I saved, it's about the goal of paying off the house for when I retire.  It depends on your goals overall, this is why it's super important to sit down with a financial advisor and figure out "What is my goal?".

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