It Doesn't Have to Work Out

Hey!  Edna Wilson here, your hometown realtor, as hometown as apple pie!   Well as you know I've been doing this whole real estate thing here for a couple of years now, and it's been an amazing ride, but let me tell you, every once in a while, it doesn't work out.  I know, shocking, but I want to tell you two stories, one positive, one not so positive, every once in a while you just can't sell a listing and it just doesn't work out, and for some reason, you do all the marketing you know how to do, you do all the promoting you know how to do, yet it's just not working out.  And I hadn't come to the realization that it's almost better for the customer sometimes to transfer agents, so I did this recently, how to transwer a listing, I had to get another agent because I just couldn't get any buyers on it, and sure enough it sold.  You know, what's funny is that the same thing happened to me, I had a listing not too long ago that was on the market for six months, couldn't sell, transfered it to me, and it sold the first day.  It's funny how things just happen like that some times.  It's not a reflection of the agent, it's a reflection of the market and what the market's used to seeing, it just makes a difference in how people come and go and how they look and how they search and I don't get all the analytics to it, but I know that sometimes it just happens.

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