Is this Still a Good Time to List My House?

The market is definitely slowing, so I'm having sellers ask me "Is this still a good time to list my house?"  Well, that depends.  What I see when the market begins to slow or even in a normal summer market, is that a lot of times this is when you really want to put your home on the market, and here's why.  A little but less competition because not everyone's listing their house, right? Secondly, we also see that the buyers that are coming through the houses are much more serious.  They're not your run-the-mill buyers right? They're not people who are just like "Eh I have nothing else to do on a Saturday, let me look at houses." They are actually super interested in your home.  Also it's a great opportunity with lots of sunlight and lots of extra day time to make sure we show your home to more potential buyers, and when I say that, if you don't get off 'till 5 or 5:30, it's probably hard to look at houses during the week because by six it's dark, so in the summertime we have all the extra daylight and that actually brings us some more buyers as well. Sellers: now is your time.

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