Hello everyone, Edna Wilson here, your hometown realtor as hometown as apple pie, with this weeks new blog. That is right. This week we will actually be talking about some really interesting things. As far as what to look for during an inspection.

So, when you buy a house, you are going to have a home inspection. Basically, an inspector is going to go through the house. They are going to look at all the things. And this report is usually around 50 pages long, even on new construction. Their job is to find every little teensy tiny detail that is wrong with that house whether it is a cracked light switch or an outlet that’s not grounded correctly. Literally anything that is wrong with the house. Now as a buyer you might want everything fixed but in the state of Florida we use as-is contracts which means you’re buying the house as is so whether the house is 50 years old we really don’t want to go through and nitpick the poor seller to death. All were doing is looking for the big things. So, what are the big things? Basically, the four points are plumbing, electrical, roof, and ac/heat. Those are the four things that really, we have to pay attention to. The question now is why?

Why the four things, well believe it or not it comes down to if its insurable or not. So, your insurance company wants to see your four-point inspection which basically will tell them how or I they will insure your house. Now with that said, we want to make sure that the big things are taken care of so if the ac is at the end of its life we might have to go back to the seller and ask them to fix it or if the roof has less than 3 years of life left on it probably not insurable.

Those are the things we have to watch out for and those are the things that we look for in the inspection we are not going to go back and ask the seller to make sure that they fix the crack light switch cover like, its 39 cents, go buy your own at Lowe’s.

So, in conclusion, it is really important to have a good real estate agent on your side who understands what to look for in an inspection because every time you open up negotiation there is an opportunity for you to lose a house that you have fallen for. So, you want to make sure you are only looking for those big things in your inspection report.

Thank you for reading! Again, my name is Edna Wilson.

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