The Future of Real Estate

I can see the future.  The future of real estate, what is the future of real estate? The market is going all over the place, I've heard so many different stories, prices are coming down, interest rates are going up, buyers are jumping out of the market, now buyers are jumping in the market, sellers are asking too much- oh my goodness, who knows?  But I will tell you this one thing- the future of real estate is in the small brokerages, the mom and pop, the boutique brokerages that give great customer service and serve you as a customer.  Well I know it's tempting to look at these big companies who come in, they make you an offer and you just write a check for your house and that's all fine and good, except you leave a lot of money on the table and the stories I hear is stories of frustration and aggravation because you're dealing with a big company like Walmart, you're not dealing with a small brokerage or a small company like celebrate, that's why I'm committed to keep my broker small and to serve my community well because I want to be where you feel like you can walk in at any moment and be greeted and be part of our family because Celebrate Real Estate will say "It's where you belong", well, there's the scoop, Edna Wilson, your Hometown Realtor, as Hometown as Apple Pie.

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