How to Make Moving Easier

Moving is a pain in the butt, there's just no other way around.  I just recently moved and I will tell you, it's painful, and we did it the easy way, we hired movers, so I can't imagine what it feels like- - well, I can, because I've done it.  Moving does suck though, but there's some easy ways to think about how this is happening.  So one thing I say is always focus on where you're going, think about the happy place, think about the new adventure you're about to embark on, and all the perks of moving to the new place, right?  You've got to stay with your mindset there or else you get super bogged down.  I also try to unpack a room a day, when you move, you just unpack a room a day, right?  Probably bedrooms and kitchen first, them get to the living room, do not rush it all in one day, there's no time limit on when you have to unpack right?  Then I also say purge before you go, you need to purge that other house, don't pack and move stuff that you don't need, stuff that you haven't touched in six month: out it goes. If you don't love an item, get rid of it.  Keep you reyes and mind on a goal and it'll make it so much easier.

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