How to Know if Your House is Ready

Your house is ready to show, everything's ready.  Well- wait, you think it's ready but then what if it's not ready?  So how do you know when your house is ready to show?  Well there's definitely two trains of thought, one is to get it like a model, right?  No family pictures, make it super clean, nothing anywhere, but that's only one school of thought.  The other school of thought is a little different, and here's what I think, I think a house calls an emotional response, right?  You walk into a house and it just feels like home, that's what we want to create, well, it doesn't feel like home to me if you're looking at nothing, nothing but just white walls and nothing on the cabinets, and that just does not feel like home.  So, I coach my clients to say "Listen, let's go ahead and leave up the family pictures, let's leave up the kitchenaid on the counter, let's do little things like wipe the refrigerator of all the magnets because it just looks neater, right?  Let's put away toothbrushes and toothpaste and get the shampoo bottles out of the bathroom, but let's make it feel like home."  Another big trick I do is burn the wax and candles, the smell of home is so important and it's what you want to create.  Let's throw the throws over the bed, let's throw the pillows around, make it feel like a home, and a buyer will definitely fall in love.

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