How to Grow in Real Estate (and What to Do)

Hey, so it might not be a surprise that I actually do okay in real estate, who knew?  When I started real estate just five years ago, I thought "I don't even know what I'm doing" but the truth is I have learned how to get leads in such a way that has really been kind of awe-inspiring.  I'm really grateful for just all the leads that I get and let me tell you, if you're another agent watching this, leads are kind of easy to come by, but you just have to work them, and so it's all about being mayor of your town, right?  Well, I should say the unofficial mayor of your town, because I don't want to be a mayor, but I've made myself get to know this place, I know what buildings are going up, I'm part of the chamber of commerce, I know exactly where the different things are happening, I have the community events, like all these things kind of make you the mayor of your town and people reach out to you and want to know like "Hey, what do you recommend for a painter?" "Who do you recommend for a hair stylist?"  I've had it all, "Who do you recommend as a pediatrician?"  It's crazy, but it's because I've got to know my town, I go to the council meetings, I make sure that I show up for things, I know who the players are, and I've done that on purpose, it was not on accident, and so if you're looking for another way to maybe get leads for your business, I'm telling you to get involved in your community, it is the most important thing, and guess what? Giving back to your community is high up there too.  Just be kind, just reach out, one of our schools needed pool noodles this week, so I went on amazon and got some for like $30 and had them shipped to the school and guess what? Now the school thinks I'm some sort of hero.  It was super easy and it's my responsibility to give back to my community.  Go find some new leads for whatever your business is, bring them in, and love on them.  Well, there's the scoop, Edna Wilson, your Hometown Realtor, as Hometown as Apple Pie.

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