How to Find the Perfect Tenant

  How to find the perfect tenant, okay, you've been the decision, you've jumped in, you finally have your amazing rental property, you put it out there, but how do you find a tenant for it?  What do you even look for?  Well let me tell you what I look for when I help homeowners find tenants, the first thing is I always look at criminal history, we want to make sure we don't have someone that has constant drug usage, or violence, or anything dangerous.  So number one, look at criminal history, we look at credit score.  I personally look at it a little loosely on credit score, because it happens right?  You might have a medical bill, just look for the reasons, make sure they don't have bad credit score because of something small.  The next important thing is that I look at income, at celebrate real estate we want to make sure they have triple the income every moneth coming in of what their monthly mortgages or monthly rental payment is, and so if your rental is 2,000 a month, they've got to make at least 6,000 a month, that's just a good rule of thumb to make sure that they have enough money so you don't end up with a tenant who doesn't pay.

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