How to choose the right offer

Hi everyone. Edna Wilson here your hometown realtor as hometown as apple pie with your education corner. Today we will be discussing how to choose the right offer. So, you put your house on the market and you have multiple offers, which is happening right now. How do you choose the right one because not all offers are created equally. That’s right. Lets talk a little more about that.

Just recently I was in a situation where we had nine offers. Nine offers!! That’s absolutely crazy. So, we had to go through and dissect which offers made the most sense for my sellers. It was kind of difficult how we processed through that. First we went through and saw who was the highest offers, because that’s what we want right? We’re here to make money. BUT just because it’s the highest offer doesn’t mean it’s the BEST offer. We went through and gathered and we picked the top 3 that we felt like were really good solid offers. The way we determined that was the price that they were offering to the terms and conditions. Are they going conventional? Are they cash? Is it a VA loan

Each of these present different problems or different benefits. The second thing is the ones that we looked at were contingent on financing which means that were getting a loan. We had to really look at who the lender was because not all lenders are created equal. We wanted to make sure it was a local lender who really got the job done who has a good reputation here in town. That made a difference on how we went about choosing that. And by the way, your agent should call those lenders and make sure they’re qualified. You’d be shocked that you can find out if you call the buyers agent of the buyers mortgage agent and just say hey so tell me about this lender or tell me about this buyer, and they’ll tell you it right there in the contract. They’re allowed to do that. That’s crazy but you didn’t know that.

Lastly, remember its your house. You’re in control. You pick the closing date. You pick the terms. You’re going to pick the offer and the amount that we’re asking for. You get to pick it all.  That’s what you need to remember most and forefront is that you’re in control, because its your house.

Well I hope that was educational and helpful. If you have any questions please reach out and call me!

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