How Do I Get So Much Business?

You know I'm asked all the time across the nation from other real esate agents "How do you get so much business? It's not normal to list 50, 60, 70 houses in a year." Somehow I've been so blessed and I believe it is because of you!  Because of the people who refer to me between my network, between marketing, and just loving on this community.  And I know that Titusville is not the biggest city in all of Brevard, but I love this town and I love it ferociously.  There's not a better town to be from, where else can you watch manatees swim, dolphins jump, get to see rockets going to space, it's just the most amazing place.  Do you know we have a sky diving school and a helicopter school?  Totally in love with this town, which I think is also why I get so many referrals, because so many people know that I really do love this place.

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