Housing Boom is Over

Okay guys, you've been waiting for it, here is the big headline. You ready?  Housing Boom is Over!  But We Are in No Way Going to a Bust!  No, the market is not failing, but it's definiteily stablizing, which is exactly what we want it to do and is exactly what we've been predicting it to do.  It's no surprise that once the kids get back to school, the market slows down a little bit.  Nobody wants to move when they've just put their kids in school, but that's just normal. But I will tell you, don't listen to the headlines.  Because headlines do more to terrify than they do to clarify, those are words to live by.  So make sure you're paying attention to people who know, people in your local cities, that these things are happening but they're predicted and they're normal and we're still way above where we were this time last year.  In fact the average house hold in America, the whole country, this is a national average.  The average house has actually increased thirty-three thousand eight hundred dollars since January first.  Those are some crazy statistics!

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