Hottest Decorating Trends

What are the hottest decorating trends?  Well, I just had the opprotunity to sit down with one of our premier designers here in Titusville.  She was telling me that gray is out, I know! You have to re-paint your whole house.  Grey's definitely out, the softer browns, those soft tans, are coming back in, but, here's the good news.  White trim is still in, but barn doors are out (although they're kind of fun).  Another trend I'm kinda seeing that I'm kinda liking a little bit is instead of doing closet doors, people are doing curtains which is really nice.  It makes the closet easier to get in and out of, so that's definitely something I'm seeing more and more of.  On top of that, we're definitely seeing granite still remaining to be the trend for kitchens. My customers are wanting granite.  Concrete blocks are definitely the number one structure support around here, even though we have a lot of wood-framed houses still being sold.  Swimming pools are also at an all time high, though there is about an eighteen month wait on getting a pool into your house, you should still consider getting one.

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