Holidays (And What You Should Do)

  Hey! Edna Wilson here, and today we'll talk about if it is time to list your house.  I know, it's the holidays and that can get a little crazy, but let me tell you the truth, holidays are one of the best times to either buy or sell a house, and here's why.  Number one, the buyers who are on the market right now are always serious buyers, so if you're a buyer, that's good news for you.  That means that there is less competition, we're not seeing five or ten offers on properties right now, we're seeing less.  For sellers, now is also a good time because people who are buying are actually serious this time around and they really want to buy a house. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, now is a good time to do either.  One more thing, holidays bring out a lot of emotions in people, and people buy houses on emotions, not logic.  All that being said, I think holidays are one of the best times to be either buying or selling houses.

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