Today we're going to be talking about those three crazy letters: H O A.  What the heck is an HOA?  Well it's a homeowner's association, and what that means is basically there's a governing board of some sort whether it's in a condominium complex (Condo) HOA or condo board or is in a subdivision.  So here in Titusville let''s take La Cita for example, they have several HOA's that are happening inside of La Cita.  So La Cita itself just to live in the subdivision called La Cita, has an HOA I believe is running around 97 a year, it's not expensive, and it really doesn't have (what I call) teeth to it.  It's a low HOA, they're not gonna come through and measure your grass and like you know- - your mailbox has to be black, it's not crazy like that.  Though let's say you live in evergreen which is inside La Cita then there could be more HOA's, so there's more layers of HOA, so if you live on florencia which is inside La Cita, now that's its own HOA, now they still pay the big HOA all of that 97 dollars a year, but they pay us bigger HOA's a couple hundred dollars a month for what's inside that subdivision, now that can be used for anything.

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