Hard Transactions

You know recently I was asked "Do you ever have hard transactions?"  And I had to kind of giggle a little bit because oh my goodness do I? Of course I do, I've had nightmare ones! I thought I'd take this afternoon to talk a little about one of the situations I've had that was insane, and maybe if you're going through a really hard transaction, this might help!  So I had this seller, she had this beautiful home, and we had a buyer who- I gotta be honst with you was kind of squirrely at the beginning, but it was a full price offer, a good contract, and so we took it.  Then everything kinda went to crazyville, so he wanted $50,000 off the price of the home after inspections even though there was nothing wrong with the house.  Last minute he bailed on us and got his escrow money back.  Afterwards, we lost another offer, and then one final time, and it finally was bought by a grandmother and and her grand daughter.  I just want to encourage you to not sweat it, these things work out.

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