FSBO - What is it?

   Hey! Edna Wilson here, your hometown realtor, as Hometown as Apple Pie.  Today we're going to be talking about "For Sale By Owner".  That big phrase you might see all the time, FSBO.  What does that mean? That means that someone wants to sell their house but doesn't really want to work with a realtor because they feel like they can do it themselves, and some people CAN do it themselves, but most cannot.  But, be a good cheer all you buyers out there.  A lot of the time, these for sale by owners will list them on things like Zillow, or other websites like Trulia, and the great thing is, many times they will cooperate and let you as a buyer be represented by an agent.  That's where I come in, so basically you and I would go and we would talk to the seller and we would say "Mr. or Mrs. seller, would you let me represent this buyer at this transaction?" They usually pay for that, then I just work the transaction like I would for any other transaction, I would go through the same proccess as every other.

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