Emotions and Buying

So can I tell you about the time that I lost $9,000? What! Yes, and guess what.  I tried to sell my own house, and I was a realtor, and I STILL lost the $9,000, so let me tell you this story because it's crazy.  So I put my house on the market, because I found another house that I loved. Yeah, it had a four-car garage, what do you do, you say yes to your husband, right? So I had to buy it. So I put my house on the market, and then, we get a contract.  Actually we got many offers, it was amazing, and I was like so stupidly excited.  So then I went ahead and started negotiating the contract, well this is where everything fell apart because one, I was too emotional, two, I wanted the other house so badly that I didn't care anymore, I just wanted to make sure that I navigated through the first contract so we can get to closing, right?  For some reason I agreed to close on Christmas Eve, what a stupid thing to do, not even the title company was open, and I don't wanna move Christmas Eve. The buyer's agent comes back and says "Listen, the fence is falling over, we want a $6,000 credit, oh and by the way, this thing is happening in the bathroom we want $3,000 for that." Now I got so emotional that I just said yes, and I began to think (after paying $9,000) "that fence isn't even ours, that belongs to the neighbors." Don't let your emotions get to you, that is so important.

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