So I want to tell you a story about what's happening today, we are all the way to closing this fabulous guy's buying this amazing house, we are appraised, everything is perfect, the inspection's great.  We get all the way to closing day, which is today, and when the title company looked at the survey, there's like an outbuilding on the property, and it's in the easement.  So what is an easement? It is a place part of the property that the city has determined that they need access to.  So even though it's your property, it's actually kind of weird because you can put a shed on it if you want to, but just know the city has the right to move the shed, or to tell you to move the shed, or the city has the right to destroy whatever is on that property if for some reason they need to put an electrical pole or a drainage easement or something like that.  So it's a part of your property that you'll see in a survey that actually says easement on it.  Well this one we get all the way to the closing table, and there is that outbuilding in the easement, so it has been just the craziest, craziest day today.

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