Different Agents

What the heck is a buyer's agent? Showing agent, real-time agent, I don't know!  There are so many different types of agents, how do you even know who does what.  Let me tell you, what I do here at my practice at Celebrate Real Estate is being a transaction broker, which means that I can work any type of transaction, buyer or seller, it doesn't matter, that's the way the state of Florida needs it, but I realized real soon that there was only one of me and there's a lot of you, and so I needed to kind of expand myself some way, and so I opted to have a buyer's agent, so while many of you have worked with me, you've met Marjie, she is my buyer's agent, she is my partner in crime, she helps me show you houses faster.  It's really a great thing because if you see a house in the market and I'm not available, she can run and open the door for you, in fact her whole job description is open doors, love on people, that's her whole job, I still step in to do the hard negotiation to migate any problems, but that truly is her entire job, and that is what a buyer's agent does, open doors, love on people.

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