Dangers of Real Estate

Danger, danger, danger! I'm going to tell you about my most dangerous listing that I've ever been on.  So this house that I had the listing for had been sitting pretty vacant for a few years and it was not finished, it wasn't dried in, so it was kind of rough in a lot of ways, the seller gave me the key, but the key only fit through the back door, so I had my customers wait for me at the front door and I actually had to climb up this hill, it was crazy.  I go through the back door, get all the way to the front door, I put the key in, but before I could unlock it, the floorboard gave away and I fell right through the floor!  So here I am, stuck in the floor, I can't get out, I can't reach the door handle, the customers heard me fall and came to help but couldn't get in, they could only see me through the window.  Luckily they found a window and got through to help me out, they pulled me out, I was scratched from head to toe.  All I could think of by the way was "Was there a snake or an alligator underneath my feet" as my feet were dangling beneath the floorboard.  In conclusion, if you think being a realtor is a safe, easy job, I have news for you.

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