Closing Day!

It's closing day!  Now around here we call that pie day, what can you expect?  Let's talk about it!  So closing day is the most fun day right?  It's the day you hand over the keys, or you get the keys (depends on what side of the table you're on). Since Covid we no longer close all together, buyers sign, the sellers sign, sellers hand the buyers the key.  That's basically it, so the paperwork you're signing loan docs, the deed, you're signing all these types of things, the mortgage satisfaction notice, telling them how to wire your funds to you, it's just a great day of celebration.  Now in the state of Florida, we're not an attorney state which means that we actually go to title companies for the most part, we call a title company an escrow agent, you might have heard that too.  We actually act kind of like an attorney in this situation, we handle all the research, all the paperwork, make sure the titles are clean, make sure the permits are closed out.  We do a lot of good work, but make sure you have a good title company that doesn't charge you a lot of crazy fees. 
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