Carbon Monoxide Detectors

      So I get the question a lot: "Do you have to have carbon monoxide detectors in your home?", well the state of Florida does not require that, and actually unless you have a natural gas product inside of your home, you probably do not want them.  Where Carbon Monoxide detectors come in handy is closer to the garage where maybe a car was left running and some of that gets into the house, or something along those lines, but if you have natural gas it is definitely required.  But in the state of Florida you're not required to have it regardless.  Is it a good idea? Absolutely. Definitely not the law though.  Another thing we get asked a lot is about radon gas detectors, and so that's another type of gas.  Well here in the state of Florida we do not even have radon gas, that's more of a mountain thing, it actually gets through the bedrock and kind of creeps up into the houses.  We do not have that here because let's be honest, we're just sand and coquina, right?  So don't worry about getting that tested when it comes to home inspections.

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